Welcome to Extraneous 2!

Welcome to the new Extraneous!

Some big features include:

Messaging, Profiles, Integration with Teamspeak, bug fixes, overall redesign, better code, live errors (registration, channel creation, ect..), Instant Access (topbar), and a huge list of other addons.


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  • Welcome to the NEW Extraneous!

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    (By: Superk)

    I've decided that today would be the day to end Extraneous 1, and start the beginning of Extraneous 2.

    A major heads up for people, Extraneous 2 contains a BUNCH of new features (such as Messaging, CMS system, and completely redesigned code). So there's bound to be issues, or things not working right.

    I'm going to keep making backups of the databases in case something happens, which I hope nothing will.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on TeamSpeak or through a PM on here. Also, send me a PM if you find any bugs, or feel as though something isn't as it should be.


    Basic Information

    * Use the Panel (at the top of your screen), for some quick and basic access to your TeamSpeak, and account information / settings.

    * Contact me if you have a question, concern, complaint, or compliment.

    * Not all features are finished. The "Legion System" will be removed until I redesign it - as of right now it's a huge pile of flaws.

    * Things may change, features are still being added. 

    * Extraneous is best viewed in Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. NOT Internet Explorer.

    Bug Reporting

    To report a bug go to : http://bugs.helpcomponline.com/ > Click Report Issue > select the category (Graphical, General [for anything not listed], or Account) > Then fill out the form.

    Update Log

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    (By: Superk)

    ---- Update History ----

    [o] Fixed registration page. Users are now able to register, also fixed the Status on the registration page. (5-1-12)

    [!] - The registration page should use the new encryption system instead of the old, plus if a user tries to verify their email, and verify again the system says invalid serial [This happens when they try to log in on the registration page] - Put a check in place to see if already registered, and display that instead. (5-1-12)

    [o] - Fixed redeclare when trying to open CMS when not logged in. (5-8-12)

    [o] - Fixed Profile Image Upload. (7-6-12)

    [+] - Added some protection features into the login system. (7-6-12)

    [i] - Did wipe on messages, profiles, Teamspeak Information (NOT CHANNELS), and other user-profile related databases due to a vulnerability. (7-6-12)

    [o] - Fixed Profile information vulnerability. (7-6-12)

    [o] - Fixed vulnerabilities in password reset. (7-24-12)

    [o] - Fixed User Search (Admin Only) (7-30-12d

    [+] - Added Ban Check in User Search (Admin Only) (7-30-12)

    [o] - Fixed Last Connected time in User Search (Admin Only) (7-30-12)

    [o] - Fixed easter egg in Teamspeak Stuff. I also decreased the probability to ~ 1% of you actually getting the easter egg. (7-30-12)

    [+] - Started work on Admin Channel Management. (8-11-12)

    [+] - Added a bunch of security fixes, and some prevention code. (8-29-12)

    [o] - Fixed Flirt (8-29-12)

    [o] - Fixed Create a Channel when using symbols and it not creating the channel in the database, but did create the channel on Teamspeak. (8-29-12)

    [o] - \"Remove Channel\" now has a different check in place, so if the name or something is invalid you can still edit / remove it. (8-29-12)

    [-] - Removed Legion System until I redesign it. (8-29-12)

    [o] - Fixed what ever bugs I could find. (8-29-12)

    [o] - Fixed InfiniteAion Username not updating. (8-29-12)

    [!] - Released Extraneous 2 to the public, disabled Extraneous 1. (8-29-12)

    [o] - Removed an echo I left behind while doing testing. (8-30-12)

    [!] - The CMS log system works perfectly! This system will be implemented on ALL Admin pages. I will also be adding a restore function. (9-12-12)

    [o,+] - Fixed huge vulnerability, I found out how people were accessing Admin Only features of Extraneous thanks to the log system (log system CAN\'T be bypassed), so I fixed it by adding multiple checks before ANY processing is taken care of, if the checks are failed they will be banned. I will then add a restriction where banned users can\'t get off the index page. (9-12-12)

    [!] - Restored main posts. (9-12-12)

    [+] - Ban Restriction. If you\'re banned from Extraneous you\'ll be locked out of extraneous and redirected to a ban page. All features of extraneous will be locked until you\'re unbanned. (9-13-12)

    [+] - Teamspeak Remote Management Coded, except the stop feature. (9-15-12)

    [+] - Added Ban_Reason to Teamspeak User Search (Admin Only) (9-27-12)

    [!] - Offsite hosting instead of localhost. If you find any bugs contact Superk ASAP. (9-27-12)

    [o] - Fixed some PHP bugs with session. (9-27-12)

    [-] - Removed InfiniteAion from TeamView, and from Registration page. (9-27-12)

    [+] - Ability to create channels on FPS, Indie, MMORPG, Strategy, and Other channels. I will add the ability to for Staff to update the list automatically using the CMS system at a later date. Along with the ability to move already created channels to the new channels. (9-30-12)

    [+] - Ability to Move Channels (10-02-12)

    [o] - Redid the Channel Hierarchy to pull directly from Teamspeak. (10-02-12)

    [o] - Fixed Display Name in Edit Profile (10-02-12)

    [-] - Removed InfiniteAion from Edit Profile (10-02-12)

    [o] - Fixed password encryption system. Thanks CatEye. (10-03-12)

    [o] - Registration system uses new encryption system for additional security. (10-03-12)

    [+] - Added "Ban Information" popup for ban list. Click on the UID and a box will popup with information about that person who was banned. I will also start coding the "Unban" request. (10-06-12)

    [o] - Fixed "Server Status" on the profile page. (10-06-12)

    [+] - Added "To" in messaging. Also, on the main page of messaging, if you RECEIVED a email To would say your name + (You!) (10-06-12)

    [!] - Started work on Unban request. (10-10-12)

    [o] - Fixed password on Edit profile - You're now able to change your password that way. (10-11-12)

    [+] - Added password validation check for edit profile. (10-11-12)

    [o] - Fixed 0x603 when trying to edit channel. Thanks Evan. (10-18-12)

    [o] - Fixed messaging adding random slashes. (11-13-12)

    [o] - Fixed Table in messaging, when trying to add a table would offset everything, and due to poor placement of the reply information table caused huge bugs. (11-13-12)

    [o] - Fixed subject not going through exploit check causing the system to reject the post (using reply) (11-13-12)

    [+] - Added Manage inside message, and Reply To at the bottom of the message. So you won't have to go back and click Reply to the message. Plus when you click on it, it'll take you directly to the reply box. (11-13-12)

    [o] - Fixed CMS to go through exploit check, fixing new / update. Plus it also fixed the extra /'s, and it'll automatically invalidate the post if any exploit is detected. (11-13-12)

    [o] - Fixed regular deletion system for CMS posts. (11-13-12)

    [!] - Started redesign on the layout for Messaging. All messages will only pull messages designed for you (example: messages you received started by someone else, or replies [which will show RE]. Messages sent out to other users will not show up UNLESS they replied to that message.) - If something doesn't seem right (Icons not matching the message (Unread but messages was read, or read when message wasn't read, or reply when you never replied) - Send me a message ASAP describing what's going on). Currently you'll be unable to delete messages on the all messages screen (to delete a message, open and click delete beside manage). (1-6-13)

    [+] Added new icons to Messaging, added checkboxes to the left of messages. Top checkbox will select all messages, and any message that is selected will be deleted when you press "Delete Selected Messages". (1-9-13)

    [o] Fixed "Select All" checkbox to work in all browsers. (1-10-13)

    [o] Fixed some checks for the Extraneous ban system causing users not banned a redirect loop, or a ton of errors. Sidenote - Any bans happening on this system are permanent and will carry over to all services, as the only way to trigger this system is to try and exploit something. (1-10-13)

    [+] More work on the unban system. (1-10-13)

    [+] Started extremely basic version of the options (encode / decoder). (1-10-13)

    [+] Unban system is semi-live, you'll be able to submit unbans but the admins can't see them yet. (1-12-13)

    [o] Fixed the Server Status on index page having an unnecessary space. (1-12-13)

    [o] Fixed the "profiles" image being displayed instead of Account Manage on the profiles page. (1-16-13)

    [!] Started work on a new encryption system. (1-24-13)

    [o] Fixed alignment issues on the top dropdown bar. (1-27-13)

    [o] Fixed vulnerabilities detected by the site scanner. (1-27-13)

    [o] Fixed Parent channel turning red even though it matches with Teamspeak. If your channel is red, go into Channel Management, and select the correct channel and submit (You won't get any confirmation, but it should update the databases so the red should go away.) (1-30-13)

    [+] Started work on Co-Owner / Co-Founder. (1-30-13)

    [+] A ton more work done on the Co-Owner / Co-Founder. It's about 90% completed. (2-9-13)

    [+] More work on Co-Owner / Co-Founder. It's 99% completed, just have to add a only one secondary co owner / founder, and co-owner / co-founders cannot modify it. And to disable it if there's already one, and to re-enable you would have to click the X next to the persons name, which would remove them from co-founder (easy to just set Co-owner to ""), Now to remove their "co-owner / co-founder" from the Teamspeak Groups. (2-12-13)

    [o] Fixed fairly big exploit with the secondary owner from using OR. (2-18-13)

    [o] Fixed ban list display not displaying some peoples information. See lines 376+377 & 389+390 on the ban script for details on how the fix was applied (DEV ONLY). (2-19-13)

    [-] removed flirt, like, and comment from the profile page. Commenting will be readded when coded. Also removed leftover advertisement from profile view.(2-27-13)

    [+] Added Opus codec support. (3-6-13)

    [o] Fixed CSS bug with displaying only one news post. (3-9-13)

    [+] Added Server Info (in menu bar), and Teamspeak Server Info in Teamspeak Stuff. (3-9-13)

    [+] Started work on BBCode compatible Description Editor (in Edit Channel). ~90% done. (3-24-13)

    [+] Finished Description Editor. (3-25-13)

    [+] Started work on Permission system. (3-28-13)

    [o] Added possible fix for the � symbols showing up on CMS posts. (3-30-13)

    [o] Fixed display name vulnerabilities (even though it's never used yet). (5-29-13)

    [!] Upgraded Webserver software. Email me (admin@helpcomponline.com) if you experience any issues. (5-29-13)

    [o] Fixed issues with site validation (5-29-13)

    [!] Upgraded Webserver software. Email me (admin@helpcomponline.com) if you experience any issues. (7-25-13)

    [o] Fixed issue with Username. (7-25-13)

    [o] Username now only accepts alphanumeric characters. If your username is NON-ALPHANUMERIC you MUST contact me by email (admin@helpcomponline.com) to have it reset. (7-25-13)

    [+] Added Teamspeak Information on front page. (7-5-13)

    [o] Fixed email. It's now going back through the old system. You shouldn't have problems with mail going into spam now.(7-6-13)

    [o] Fixed linking CMS posts not displaying. (7-6-13)

    [o] Fixed some bugs in Extraneous Registration. Username now correctly displays username in use (broken by preivous update). Password and Confirm Password fields now verify each other. (7-25-13)

    [o] Fixed the SQL error when attempting to view a ban Also fixed for Admin searches. This fix is temporary until I recode the SQL system (This will happen on GA). (7-30-13)

    [o] Fixed duplication in TS & Email validation. (8-8-13)

    [o] Fixed TS IP validation not working - This means the validation ONLY works where peoples IPs on the site match those on TS. (8-8-13)

    [-] Removed old emails and TS validation queries. (8-8-13)

    [+] Added reset option in TS Validation. (8-8-13)

    [o] Fixed some checks in TS Validation and added exploit protection. (8-8-13)

    [+] Added some more validation to the Teamspeak Channel Creation to make sure to revalidate before creating the channel - in case something happens to the login session. (Thanks Alex!) (9-30-13)

    [o] Fixed Channel Admin-View. (9-30-13)

    [+] Added link for admins to click on Channel owners to view their TS information. (9-30-13) {TODO: Code MyExtraneous user search}

    [+] Added placeholder text for Admin-View channel management. (9-30-13) {TODO: Code Admin-Edit}

    [+] Added ban check for messages being sent without a valid MyExtraneous username. Ban can be removed, but I can't duplicate the problem. See post 24.  [Ban Message: Extraneous Security Exploit [messaging]] (1-30-14)

    [o] Fixed profile image upload 100% this time. Before it was ignoring necessary checks due to typos in name and invalid checks, now it will successfully check size, width, and height.(2-12-14)

    [-] Removed Teamspeak username, Teamspeak validation, and display name from registration page as Teamspeak validation doesn't work when there's symbols in the name and display name isn't used. Will be re-enabled on the GamersArray transfer. (10-10-14)

    [o] Fixed the error when logging in right after validating your email, it now redirects you to index like it should. (10-10-14)

    - Key -
    [o] Fixed
    [+] Added
    [-] Removed
    [!] Important / Information


    ---- Needs to be completed before release ----

    - Add < code> < / code> support. (Will convert everything inside the code to readable text - NOT html)

    - Fix the � symbols being showed on news posts. When looking at the HTML code on news edit, it shows where there\'s a space inside a paragraph. [Possible fix implemented 8/29/12] [Possible fix implemented on 3/30/13]

    (< p >& nbsp ; < / p >) *Remove Spaces*


    - Find out what is causing duplicate Profile\'s to be created for a user (multiple profiles are being created for the same ID) - But I couldn\'t find any duplicate User ID\'s [Possible Fix implemented 4-23-12]

    - Prevent duplication in the Teamspeak account database - This usually only happens with Teamspeak accounts being registered (Possibly on register). [Possible fix implemented 4-23-12]

    - Other duplication issues, if any.

    - Other bugs, that may cause a database to be emptied.

    - Find out what\'s causing the news database to be emptied - Possibly corrupt entries?? [Possible fix implemented 4-30-12]

    - Fix login / register buttons (They\'re not showing the on_hover animations unless you click on them.)

    - On Channel Delete, use both NAME and ID. Right now the link is only calling for name (PHP GET), and NOT the Channel ID. Do both, and on the validate function if it returns false for the name, use the Channel ID as RCT instead of the name. Thanks JustPoision for pointing this out.

    - Security / Vulnerability Checks must be done on ALL pages!

    Page:      1     |    2     |    3     |    4     |    5     |    6     |    7     |    8     |    9     |    10     |    11     |    12     |    13     |    14     |   15    |