Welcome to Extraneous 2!

Welcome to the new Extraneous!

Some big features include:

Messaging, Profiles, Integration with Teamspeak, bug fixes, overall redesign, better code, live errors (registration, channel creation, ect..), Instant Access (topbar), and a huge list of other addons.


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Teamspeak 3 Server Information

Server Address: voice.helpcomponline.com

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  • Teamspeak Database
  • Website Database
  • Primary DNS
  • Secondary DNS
  • Tertiary DNS
  • Teamspeak Port

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    The port 9111 for Teamspeak is no longer required to connect. You may connect using voice.helpcomponline.com OR voice.helpcomponline.com:9111 - They will both get you to the same place. I've changed this to make it easier for people to connect (as you no longer have to remember a port), and to avoid changing software around and force hundreds of clients to change the server address.

    Regarding Teamspeak Exploit on 10-29-13

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    Last Edited: 10/30/13
    (By: Superk)

    Yesterday (10-29-13) there were two clients who gained access to Teamspeak's query function and were able to Private Message and poke clients.

    There was only one client who was doing the messaging and poking, but during my search I found another client in the logs. The "name" of the person poking and messaging was "YoMomma" and while connected they were harrassing clients connected.

    They have been banned from accessing anything related to this Teamspeak or its services.

    I've also started working on a script that will scan logs for possible exploit attempts and automatically ban the people associated with it.

    This exploit ONLY affected Teamspeak and did NOT affect MyExtraneous, they did NOT have access to any personal data including channel passwords, emails, or any MyExtraneous login information.

    IP Address      
    Host bl20-17-191.dsl.telepac.pt
    PT PT, Portugal
    City Coimbra
    ISP PT Comunicacoes


    IP Address
    Host PROXY/VPN
    Location DE DE, Germany
    City PROXY/VPN
    ISP Intergenia AG

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