Welcome to Extraneous 2!

Welcome to the new Extraneous!

Some big features include:

Messaging, Profiles, Integration with Teamspeak, bug fixes, overall redesign, better code, live errors (registration, channel creation, ect..), Instant Access (topbar), and a huge list of other addons.


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Server Address: voice.helpcomponline.com

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  • New Chan System update

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    So for those that were wondering when I was going to release the new Channel management system (and coming with it some hidden perks). I can't give an exact date or time because I’m trying to make page loading and refreshing a minimal. With the way the current system is coded all the TeamSpeak commands are pulled through without using any "middleman". The new system I’m trying to use a middleman as much as possible so that the stuff loads in the background and updates the site dynamically (thus reducing loading times drastically. With middleman load time: 3.8 seconds, without 9.6 seconds). Once I’m fully done with coding the new system I’m going to do some thorough page minification to further reduce page load times and once all that's done the system will be released.


    Here's some features I wanted to get fully working before release:

    1. Permission System*

    2. Channel Access Permission System*

    3. *

    4. Eye candy

    5. File Browser / Remote File Browser*

    6. Channel / Sub-channel creation

    7. ACSS (Automated Channel Scoring System, Automated Channel Scanning System)* (50% done)

    8. Channel Viewer (100% done)

    9. Channel Activity Graph (90% done)*

    * = Requirements need to be met to have access to these features (Perks).

    Some Info

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    Last Edited: 11/22/13
    (By: Superk)

    I will be doing a Teamspeak upgrade at 1AM EST/EDT. The server will be upgraded from 3.0.9 to


    Aside from that, there will also be a new Channel Management look to replace the old SLOW one.

    Here's a teaser of what it'll look like:

    Also, thanks to La_Pandilla for putting up with me the past few days with joining their channel.

    Side note - Channel icons will be enabled (MAYBE!) (They'll be reflected through the icon in your channel), however they'll have to go through an upload and validation process, PLUS your channel will have to meet the minimum requirements to be able to get access to it (As of right now it'll be 5 ACTIVE clients minimum).

    Also there's a graph that's in the new Channel Management Display. The graph as of right now will be DISABLED on all channels (Except for La_Pandilla), and I will go through a testing phase and give channels the option of enabling / disabling it. Again the channel will have to meet 5 ACTIVE clients minimum for this to be enabled.

    Any questions? Private Message me on Teamspeak or here.

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