Welcome to Extraneous 2!

Welcome to the new Extraneous!

Some big features include:

Messaging, Profiles, Integration with Teamspeak, bug fixes, overall redesign, better code, live errors (registration, channel creation, ect..), Instant Access (topbar), and a huge list of other addons.


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Teamspeak 3 Server Information

Server Address: voice.helpcomponline.com

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  • Teamspeak
  • Teamspeak Database
  • Website Database
  • Primary DNS
  • Secondary DNS
  • Tertiary DNS
  • Updated Banning System

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    I was getting a couple messages on MyExtraneous that came from unknown senders problem is there is a check is in place to automatically stop the page from continuing, but some people are finding a way around that, so I have added a automatic ban for those people that do. This ban can be removed, and you will have to contact me on Teamspeak (instructions will be given on the ban page) to have the ban removed.

    Here's the two messages that I got:


    Message Send Date: 09-26-2013
    Message Subject: help
    Message Text: hi ther :D ...i didn't understand wht Teamspeak 3 Username Validation means ..plz help me:D


    Message Send Date: 01-24-2014
    Message Subject: Can not register
    Message Text: I can't get the validation to work if you could pleas help me that would be great


    If you sent one of the above messages, please contact me on Teamspeak 3  (voice.helpcomponline.com:9111) (Superk) ASAP!

    Teamspeak Connectivity Issues

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    Last Edited: 01/26/14
    (By: Superk)

    As of right now 1-26-14 @ 22:23:06 the Teamspeak services are DOWN

    As of 1-26-14 @ 22:28:45 the Teamspeak services are back up. (Rebooted Server and reset network switches).

    We're unable to do anything from our end as the connectivity issues are happening at the datacenter. The server has been rebooted and we're trying to get a connection established but are having problems.


    Please bear with us, and sorry for any inconvenience.

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