Welcome to Extraneous 2!

Welcome to the new Extraneous!

Some big features include:

Messaging, Profiles, Integration with Teamspeak, bug fixes, overall redesign, better code, live errors (registration, channel creation, ect..), Instant Access (topbar), and a huge list of other addons.


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Teamspeak 3 Server Information

Server Address: voice.helpcomponline.com

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  • Teamspeak Server Move & Inactive Channel Wipe

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    Last Edited: 10/04/14
    (By: Superk)

    Teamspeak 3 Server Move / Inactive Channel Wipe


    The DNS has been updated to the new server (IP:

    MyExtraneous is now updated and you can now create / modify channels. Database has been UNLOCKED

    Server move has completed sucessfully.

    The database has been LOCKED, MyExtraneous has also been locked to prevent corruption issues. Any changes made on Teamspeak from 5:40PM EST/EDT to the move will NOT be carried over.

    MyExtraneous will be UNLOCKED on 2014-10-04 EST/EDT

    The new Teamspeak server 3.0.11 has been released, with it comes new requirements that this current server does not meet. As such we will be doing a server transfer to a temporary host till we get the main host set up with everything. There should be no downtime (except a disconnect and reconnect to the new server) but updates usually don't always go as planned.

    What this means for me?
    There should be no affect on you, your permissions, or any channel related issues. However this new update could break new channels from being created as well as channel management from MyExtraneous.

    Why now?
    There will be a new client update which is switching to a new character set (back-end related things), as a result the server must be updated otherwise clients won't be able to connect.

    After the update / Inactive Channel Wipe
    Once the update is finished and the servers are moved back to the original hosts there will be a channel wipe for Inactive Channels as there's a bunch of unused channels. Prior to this wipe we will be sending out notifications to channels that are at risk for being deleted, if you're still active a simple "Log on and click Active" will prevent your channel from being deleted - More information will come when this event gets closer.

    We don't expect any issues to happen and will have a failsafe set up in case something does happen, so there shouldn't be any downtime - As said earlier we will be updating DNS records to move everything over and a simple disconnect and reconnect will get you onto the new host.


    When is this new update happening?
    We will be moving the server today (2014-10-03) possibly sometime after or around 9pm EST/EDT.
    We plan on getting the server moved on Friday 2014-10-03
    *Update* There is about a 20% chance of the server getting moved today (Friday 2014-10-03). If it doesn't get moved today, there is about a 60% chance it will get moved on Monday 2014-10-06. 



    Questions? Concerns?
    You can contact me through PM here or on Teamspeak. 


    Last Updated: 2014-10-04

    Server is down

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    Update 4:19pm EST/EDT: Datacenter is confirmed down at this time. Currently trying to restore the datacenter.

     Update 4:39pm EST/EDT: Server is back online

    There's currently network issues at the main host. unfortunately this is out of our control.

    I will keep close watch on the server if it needs any user intervention, but hopefully it should just go back up on its own.

    Sorry for any inconvenience.

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