Welcome to Extraneous 2!

Welcome to the new Extraneous!

Some big features include:

Messaging, Profiles, Integration with Teamspeak, bug fixes, overall redesign, better code, live errors (registration, channel creation, ect..), Instant Access (topbar), and a huge list of other addons.


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Teamspeak 3 Server Information

Server Address: voice.helpcomponline.com

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  • Regarding Asuna and unsubscribing

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    Last Edited: 03/21/13
    (By: Superk)

    *Edit 3-17-13 @ 23:47*  Asuna has been fixed. You're able to unsubscribe (!unsubscribe) and resubscribe (!subscribe).

    *Edit 3-21-13 @ 1:00*  Asuna now has the ability to move you between channels (Your main channels only, NOT your sub channels). So any main channel FPS, Indie, MMORPG, Strategy, and Other you're able to move to. Command is !Join "ChannelName" "Channel password" - Example: !Join "MyExtraneous Test Channel" "test"  - Any questions? Contact me on TS.


    Earlier I made an announcement that you could unsubscribe from Asuna. The code is OK, the problem is the files are created from the UID (unique identifier), and some clients UID's contain back-slashes (/), which is NOT allowed in file name. So that's why Asuna was crashing. Later today I will be releasing a fix for it, and will post another announcement. Also, please do NOT PM Asuna the subscribe / unsubscribe command until I fix it.

    Sorry for any inconvenience. Also fixed the bug where Asuna would crash after receiving a PM from someone with a / in their UID.

    New Teamspeak Update Notice

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    (By: Superk)

    *Edit 3-6-13 @ 7:14*  The server has been updated to the latest version. Anyone connecting is REQUIRED to have version 3.0.10. MyExtraneous will be updated later today to add opus codec support. If you want to update your channel to support Opus, the founder or Operator : Right click Channel > Edit Channel > Audio (tab) > select Opus codec (Voice or Music). Quality is recommended to stay at 10.

    *Edit 3-6-13 @ 18:20*  MyExtraneous has been updated and now supports Opus Voice and Opus Music.

    If you're not aware Teamspeak 3.0.10 (Client) and Server have been updated to support a multitude of new features. One of them being the Opus codec (supports full stereo) - There's a voice and a music version of this codec. MyExtraneous will be updated on 3-6-13 to support this, and Teamspeak will also be updated 3-6-13 at around 12am - 1am. Once the update is completed all clients will be required to have version 3.0.10 otherwise you won't be able to join the server (mandatory due to the huge server changes). If you're unsure of how to update it's easy, completely close the Teamspeak client and when the update window comes up, allow it to update. Otherwise, click Help (on Teamspeak) > Check For updates.

    Teamspeak Update HowTo


    If you're unsure of what time it is, PM Asuna (in Teamspeak) with !time

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